Anon WM1 MFI Goggles


SKU: 889049399753-KR

The women’s anon. WM1 goggle features Magna-Tech Quick Lens Change Technology, which uses 14 rare earth magnets to make lens changes easier than ever. Women’s-specific design ensures the best possible fit and comfort. Spherical Lens Technology mimics the curvature of the human eye for superior optics, and Outlast Fog Management Face Fleece eliminates moisture before it can cloud the lens. Magnetic Facemask Integration (MFI) seals your anon. MFI facemask to the goggle in one quick snap. Includes MFI Facemask (select colorways only), spare Graybird lens, compression-molded storage case, and microfiber goggle bag for storage and wiping the lens clean.

  • Anon's No-Slip silicone strap keeps goggles in place on helmets so riders can focus on what's ahead, not behind. Snap-back strap available on Select Colorways
  • Wall-to-wall incorporates optimal Optics in a low-profile frame that utilizes 40% thinner face foam for an ultra-close fit
  • ICT (integral clarity technology) anti-fog treatment delivers crystal clear vision, no matter what the elements throw at you
  • Full perimeter channel venting ensures maximum airflow, bringing fresh air into the goggle while pulling moisture away from the lens