FCS K2.1 V-2 Performance Core Surfboard Fins - Quad. A great all round performing quad set. A balance of flow and stabilty, combined with response.


$108.98 $110.00
SKU: 9340935013647-C

Version 2 of the K2.1 Quad Fin Set. Includes 2 Tri Front Fins and 2 Quad Rear Fins. 4 fins in the set.

OVERVIEW: The FCS V2 quad set is a great all round performer. The rear fin has a versatile 80/20 foil offering a balance of flow and stabilty, combined with great response when making directional changes.

IDEAL CONDITIONS: A wide range of conditions from beach breaks to point breaks.

BOARD TYPES: Performance shortboards and hybrid models.

  • Front: Area: 15.23sq.in. Foil: Flat
  • Base: 4.33in Depth: 4.53in.
  • Rear: Area: 12.64sq.in.
  • Base: 4.10in Depth: 4.26in Foil: 80/20