Futures CTG HC Thruster Fin Set - Blue/Black X

Futures Fins

SKU: Futures CTG

This is an upright fin with a responsive flex pattern designed for a small surfer looking for a pivoty fin that likes to be surfed vertically in the pocket. This set is ideal for surfing beach breaks. The side fins allow for quick directional changes while the balanced center fin aids in control and stability.

  • Base: Side Fins: 4.06in - 10.31cm Center Fin: 3.93in - 9.98cm
  • Depth: Side Fins: 4.25in - 10.79cm Center Fin: 4.13in - 10.49cm
  • Area: Side Fins: 13.0in² - 83.87cm² Center Fin: 12.33in² - 79.54cm²
  • Futures Foil Tech: Flat Foil
  • Suggested Weight: (XS) Under 130 lbs