Somatic HIRE Mens Sunglasses with Polycarbonate Lenses - All colors available


SKU: Gr-Somhire03

Somatics are available at select stores around the country. Somatics range in price from $50 to $75. Every pair of sunglasses offers 100 percent UV protection. "The Somatics brand is all about offering superior sunglasses that combine an athletic and fashionable look," said Hudson. "Somatic wearers are as comfortable catching the perfect wave as they are shopping on Rodeo Drive." About Somatic Optics The leaders at Somatic Optics believe you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for a great pair of sunglasses. With more than 15 lines, Somatics is a lifestyle brand focused on creating attractive sunglasses and goggles with a commitment to quality.

  • Plastic
  • A Popular Style that Fits Many Shapes
  • 8 Base Curve in Prismatic Polycarbonate
  • 100% UV Protection